【梵文小教室】 Lobha






Nowadays, yoga practitioners have lots of injuries because they think they can practice anytime anywhere and treat it like exercise. When I was a beginner I also practiced the same way. Then I realized its not just exercise it’s the combination of mind, body and breath.

Concentration is a must to practice asana, we must know our body’s limitations and that may take years to understand. not coming in a day or months but Don’t push yourself beyond your limits during any stage of asana practice.

Lobha in Sanskrit or greediness always exists in the mind. During yoga classes students want to reach the final position as soon as possible and this causes not only physical problems but also mental instability. Then some people may start to hate yoga. They never blame themselves, but they try to blame the class or the teacher. So try to listen to your own body.

Here is an example of Lobha.
If a student is flexible and can do back bending well then they may want to reach further before they are ready because of greediness. They don’t’ want to wait for their body’s permission. And this is a major cause for injury. I will talk more about Lobha as we understand it in yoga philosophy during the class. After this class I hope I can guide people to continue their practice in a safe way.




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